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The first post w/ Sarah Palin interview episode!

Posted by Mike Rotman on September 26, 2008

Hello all, this is Mike Rotman, producer of The Political Pop. Many of you may have seen our show on youtube (  and we thank you for tuning in and now checking out our blog.

My job as Producer is to find  comedians, pick the clips they make fun of, choose the best jokes and then assemble into a fun filled 3-5 minutes.

Well, with this blog I am handing over the keys, letting the inmates run the asylum, giving a typewriter to 100 monkeys…All that.

The Political Pop web cam commentators and founding members will be able to post what they want, when they want- with no interference from a boss, an editor, a producer, no one. It’s like a commune without the smell!

So enjoy this little political comedy experiment.

And in case you haven’t seen the show- here is an episode:


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