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Palin can easily win the debate.

Posted by Mike Rotman on October 1, 2008

If you’ve seen her interviews you would say I am crazy.

OK, so she’s uninformed, not very well educated – although she did attend 5 colleges!  Sure, it was in 6 years, but that’s not the point!  What was the point?  Oh yeah…she’s a moron, a simpleton, she’s “long bus challenged,” and she obviously doesn’t question the world around her.

And those are her good qualities.


Hey, where did that snare drum come from?

Anyway, if she is all that and a basket of moose (I have no idea what that means), why do I say she can easily win a debate against Joe Biden, one of the smartest men in politics?

How she wins:

Easy.  She just needs to be herself.  When Sarah Plain burst on the scene in all her teleprompter glory, people fell in love with her – why?  Because she was hot?  No, I actually don’t find her all that good looking – not with that voice and that brain (give me Doris Kearns Goodwin any day of the week over Gov Palin.)

Hotter? You decide.

Wal- Mart moms loved her because, she was one of them.

Palin isn’t some “know-it-all-smarter-than-you” (ELITIST!!) Harvard grad.  She’s a simple down home woman with kids, shopping lists and 12 semi automatic shotguns she fires from a helicopter.

She’s just like you and me!

The problem is – the McCain camp – run by Bush people (He’s a MAVERICK!) has tried to notch up her brain capacity- only to find- it simply isn’t there.

What they need to do – is let her be her.

They need to remember the simple reason people liked her, she’s simple.

So how does she get back to being her.  With a simply opening statement such as this:

“Hi, I’m Sarah Palin, I don’t pretend to know anymore than you do about foreign affairs or the economy.  I am a mother of 5 and just like you, I am trying to make my way in this crazy world of terrorists and home foreclosures.

When I win the White House… I mean, when John McCain wins the White House!  I will be there to represent you, the working men and women of this great country.”

And then for the rest of the debate she can frame her answers in terms of being the voice of the common man/woman. Rove has already set up this winning formula for the Republicans; she just needs to get back on that track.

Seriously, she can pull this off- Bush just did for 8 years.


One Response to “Palin can easily win the debate.”

  1. That works for her base, but it will fail for the voters they need to win, the independents. Now this may be the best way for her to escape blame and remain viable for 2012, but that’s not going to jump start a Palin Presidential campaign. She has to look like she’s not in over her head — which won’t be easy. Her best move, oddly, may be to be less pleasant. Use every question to attack Obama and the media which is supporting him. That will excite her base more than anything and that is who she should be playing to at this point.

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